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John & Rose Clark of Feiswear

John and Rose have been involved in Irish Dancing for over 20 years since their daughter Sarah, now ADCRG, first took up lessons at the age of six and progressed quickly through the grades into Open. From then onwards they have travelled extensively to competitions throughout Britain, Ireland, America and Canada, gaining an invaluable experience from not only the dancer's, but also the parents' side of Irish Dancing.

Rose is no stranger to Irish Dancing. As a child she danced in Belfast, as did her mother before her. Her nieces in Canada dance and her sister-in-law is a qualified ADCRG, teaching in Vancouver.

John spent a number of years on the Southern England Regional Council for Irish Dancing, serving for some time as Secretary and later as Chairman. During this time he became acquainted with Tom Gavigan of Antonio Pacelli through his various sponsorships and efforts in support of Irish dancing in the South of England and elsewhere. It was John's friendship with Tom that led him to become involved in the Irish dancewear business and consequently the Feiswear company was formed. Since then, John and Rose have travelled widely with the Feiswear stall trading at An Coimisiun World and All Ireland Championships, An Comhdhail All Ireland & International Championships and major competitions in Scandinavia, Europe, as well as Ireland and the UK.

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